About Mikey


I was diagnosed with Crohn’s/Colitis in 2003. Years of Immune Suppressive Drugs (Remicade/Humira) and chronic inflammation led me to diagnosis of Cancer in 2015. I have Stage 4 Colon Cancer metastasized to my Liver. I’ve been fighting this since March with an army of natural therapies and an anti-cancer diet/lifestyle.

I did ┬ádo 9 rounds of FOLFOX chemotheraphy with Avastin, but rounds #8 and #9 really hit me hard. I didn’t do much for those 4 weeks but fight the side effects of chemo. I really felt #10 would kill me, so I asked for a Chemo break. The odds of living X amount of years on chemo vs off chemo at this stage of disease is a very small difference. I don’t like knowing or talking about “how long I have left” according to statistics. I’m just fighting every day.

Holistic and Naturopath doctors don’t say cancer is a death sentence. I believe I can beat this cancer. Spontaneous Remission is possible in all stages of cancer. Doctors can’t explain why terminally ill patients beat cancer at times, but scientists around the world and other countries believe and see the cure for cancer in diet and lifestyle changes.

I will fight cancer. I will beat cancer.

I am greater than cancer.