Look At Me Now

I’m still processing everything that happened today so don’t expect pulitzer prize material here. I walked into my oncological visit at CTCA today to discuss next steps and instead we were discussing my pathology reports. “According to your pathology reports, there was no malignancy in anything removed from you during surgery except for the small … Continue reading Look At Me Now

How To Be Here

T-38 hours. I’ve had my EKG, anesthesia consult, and recovery suite tour (which I will be able to play XBOX in on a big flat screen). All good. I’m currently getting pre-surgical IV Vitamin C for the next 3 hours. Tomorrow I have my heart echo and my surgical consult, along with Reiki, Acupuncture and … Continue reading How To Be Here

Before & After

I can’t sleep. I’m in a hotel room at 1 a.m. after a long exhausting day and I can’t get tired enough to sleep. I just keep thinking of the conversation I had with my Quality of Life doctor today, who sometimes is more like my psychiatrist than one of my many cancer doctors. “I … Continue reading Before & After


My mind is a rollercoaster tonight. My day started bright and early at 6AM with colonoscopy prep. Without getting into the TMI details, prep wasn’t very successful. I’ve had a non-functional large intestine for over a year now, so we’ll just say I was in a lot of pain from not even half an enema … Continue reading Optimistic

Just Breathe

I took a week off from cancer. I should rephrase that. I still did all my supplements and shots and creams and positive affirmations. I simply stopped thinking about cancer. And it was glorious. Now it’s back to the grind. But now it’s different. I have real, positive results that I can get behind. Heather and … Continue reading Just Breathe