Back to the Windy City

I’m heading back to CTCA Zion. I finally received some “good” news that my tumor does not have any genetic mutations, which enables me to get EGFR protein treatment. For whatever reason the Beaumont pathology lab here in Michigan never tested my initial tumor for the KRAS mutation, but the doctors at CTCA Zion requested … Continue reading Back to the Windy City

My CTCA Experience

I’m coming home early. I’m coming home with a single acupuncture session as the only “treatment” I was able to do. Quite a long distance to travel for acupuncture. I leave behind the possibilities of IV Vitamin C infusions, Hyperthermia, Immune Targeted Therapies and other integrative cancer treatments that have success treating a cancer patient … Continue reading My CTCA Experience

Naturopathic Approach to Stage 4 Cancer

Today I had my first Naturopathic Oncologist appointment with Dr. Jennifer Green (  It was literally the best doctor appointment I’ve ever had and I’ve seen A LOT of doctors. I’ve had doctors come into appointments and say “I haven’t looked at your results yet so give me a minute” and others who would check … Continue reading Naturopathic Approach to Stage 4 Cancer