Big things happening!!

SO! What a week we have to tell you about!!
Early last week Mike contacted The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Zion. It’s an outpatient hospital just north of Chicago that specializes in alternative treatments. Dr. Green told him it’s often covered by insurance, but we had NO idea how huge it was really going to be!!

The following day Mike received a phone call  from the hospital that they would pay to fly all four of us out there, we’d stay in a hotel 3-6 days depending on the treatment plan after his evaluations, and any treatments our insurance may decide not to cover will be picked up by the hospital in order to provide Mike all the care he will need from them!! I made him repeat everything to me again and again before I really believed it. I am still in shock I think!

We will leave, as a family , on December 6th to go out on this new adventure in healing Mike’s whole body! Mike will blog tomorrow with more details on some of the likely treatments he will receive, but as for now THIS IS A VERY, VERY, VERY GOOD THING!!!!!

As if that wasn’t good enough, Mike also received a phone call last week from a sweet woman named Marney Keenan. She is a reporter for the Detroit News. She was told about our blog and was so moved that she contacted Mike to ask to do a story on him! We were so honored to even have her consider his journey news worthy, let alone want to come to our home and take the time to really care what we had to say. She was SO kind and wonderful to us. She spent a couple hours here in our living room yesterday just talking with us about everything that’s happened since March and what Mike’s future has in store now.  The story will most likely be published in the Thanksgiving day paper as an editorial. It will also be online. We hope what we had to share becomes a story of hope and inspiration to people who may be in the same situation as us right now or just need to hear what we have to say.

So, last week was our new start. It officially began Mike’s natural journey to wholeness! It’s funny when things happen like this. Months ago I bumped into an old friend at a movie theater and she planted a lot of seeds. This was just two days after Mike’s first chemo session.  She mentioned Dr. Green. She maybe even mentioned this Chicago facility, if I remember correctly. But in God’s timing we ended up where we needed to be when we needed to be there. Mentally I do believe Mike needed to understand how chemo really would affect him personally before he was in the right mind space to WANT to heal his whole body naturally. I couldn’t do all this for him. He needed the drive to do it for himself with my love and support cheering him on. He’s there now, and that’s when this all just has started to fall into place.

I pray often to be able to do positive things for other’s going through this like we are. It’s hard on my heart because we don’t really have the time or money right now to help others in any substantial ways, but the ability to share our story publicly will hopefully be helpful to even one person who needs it right now. So Marney calling him last week was also an answered prayer!

This whole past week feels surreal , and we are SO excited to share this with all of you! We appreciate and love you all! Thank you SO much for following along with us. Stay tuned for Mike’s post to come giving you all some more details about what’s to come! He’s busy right now building shelves and cupboards all over our house! Because he loves to and BECAUSE HE CAN! Thank God he feels well enough to do the things he loves! We are so blessed!!