Help Needed!

Hi all!

It’s Heather, and it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged! Sorry about that. I tend to fall asleep before having the chance.

Big things have happened and we have set Mike’s surgery date to June 30th. Mike and I and the kids will get to Chicago on the 28th . We will be staying in a hotel there for an extended period of time. 16 days most likely. That’s overwhelming to think of and try to plan!

Mike’s surgery will be 12 hours long. It’s pretty extensive. He’s going to have quite a recovery road ahead of him, but we are jumping in with the knowledge that this could potentially rid his body of any remaining cancer.

We are nervous. I’m so scared for him, knowing his pain from the last surgery and knowing this one will likely be harder to recover from.

I am also nervous about the road ahead during recovery for all of us. It was a lot of work last time, as a family, supporting him during the worst parts of the recovery phase. It’s easy to not think about anymore but impossible to forget.

Time and time and time again all of you beautiful people are asking us what kind of help we need. I always feel weird admitting we need help. We’ve been SO loved and generously given to since this all started! It’s out of my comfort zone to ask for specific things we need help with, especially because I LOVE being a giver and helper. I don’t always feel comfortable being a receiver.

All that said, I am going to swallow my pride and push aside my nerves about asking for anything this time to say we could really use some help.

I made a list of things we need to do before Mike’s surgery so we can come home to a clean, cared for, peaceful environment. I’d like to share the list and see if there are any of you who’d be able to help us get this all done before we leave June 28th (or even while we’re in Chicago for 2+ weeks:

In our Backyard:

  • Tear down the old shed and put up a new one. We still haven’t bought a new one yet as we are looking for a good deal. The old one is a short arrow brand metal shed with a leaking roof. We don’t have a garage, so this is where we store all our outdoor equipment and tools. We are looking into the 10×12 vinyl Lifetime sheds, but don’t know the best idea for a foundation in our yard.
  • Get both 1/2 cut down trees out all together. We don’t own a chainsaw and we’ve never used one. If someone has one and knows how to cut down the trunk of a tree that fell last year into our neighbor’s yard, that would be awesome! We also have a giant stump near our deck from a tree we removed a few summers ago. We just want that thing cut as low as humanly possible and removed.
  • Mulch under swing set and around back deck. We’d need help transporting the mulch from Lowes or Home Depot as well.
  • Clean out the old sand in the sandbox and add new sand. We’d need help transporting the sand as well. If anyone has any good ideas where to get mulch and sand for the best price possible, that would be great too.
  • Fill in some holes the dog dug and maybe plant put some grass seed or that grass patch stuff down in some bare spots in the yard (if the dog would stop digging it up)
  • We already have someone who wants to come and cut our grass in July, which is very helpful (thanks Adam!)

Our Front yard:

  • Trim bushes and tree so it’s not taller than the roof.
  • Add mulch.
  • Plant something or get flower planter in empty spots by front steps.

Inside house:

  • Finish splitting up the kids’ rooms
  • Clean carpet
  • Help us have a yard sale on June 16-19 to pay for the trip expenses while in Chicago


  1. If anyone knows how to put a strut or two on a car, we may need that done too.


It’s not really too complicated of a list, it’s just a lot for two people to tackle and after Mike’s surgery he won’t be capable of doing any of these things so we’d really like to have it all accomplished before we go. Mike also heads back to Chicago for his final treatment before surgery the week of Memorial day.

Magda has started assembling a group of people to come help outside on June 4th and anyone is welcome to come join them! Any other available dates would help too! It doesn’t all need to be done on June 4th.

Thank you all so very much in advance! We are so blessed by all of you! We love you!!!!